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-Pokemon 20 Celebration- Celebi by BlazingFire909 -Pokemon 20 Celebration- Celebi :iconblazingfire909:BlazingFire909 44 6 Pleasant Stroll by BlazingFire909 Pleasant Stroll :iconblazingfire909:BlazingFire909 28 3 Dark Wolf by BlazingFire909 Dark Wolf :iconblazingfire909:BlazingFire909 15 2 Snow Altaria by BlazingFire909 Snow Altaria :iconblazingfire909:BlazingFire909 16 2 Snow Kirlia by BlazingFire909 Snow Kirlia :iconblazingfire909:BlazingFire909 32 4 Chao in a Present by BlazingFire909 Chao in a Present :iconblazingfire909:BlazingFire909 26 2 Undertember 4- Sans by BlazingFire909 Undertember 4- Sans :iconblazingfire909:BlazingFire909 17 5 Net Neutrality by BlazingFire909 Net Neutrality :iconblazingfire909:BlazingFire909 11 2 Happy Thanksgiving 2017 by BlazingFire909 Happy Thanksgiving 2017 :iconblazingfire909:BlazingFire909 21 2 Flower Spirit by BlazingFire909 Flower Spirit :iconblazingfire909:BlazingFire909 8 0 Undertember 3- Napstablook by BlazingFire909 Undertember 3- Napstablook :iconblazingfire909:BlazingFire909 51 7 Undyne Halloween Costume by BlazingFire909 Undyne Halloween Costume :iconblazingfire909:BlazingFire909 23 0 Undertember 2- Toriel by BlazingFire909 Undertember 2- Toriel :iconblazingfire909:BlazingFire909 20 0 Yoshi and Pikachu (ft. Delicious Cupcake) by BlazingFire909 Yoshi and Pikachu (ft. Delicious Cupcake) :iconblazingfire909:BlazingFire909 21 3 Blaze and Silver by BlazingFire909 Blaze and Silver :iconblazingfire909:BlazingFire909 22 0 Undertember 1- Flowey by BlazingFire909 Undertember 1- Flowey :iconblazingfire909:BlazingFire909 35 0
Here's some of my newest (bad) art haha.

Art Styles are currently under construction in this gallery so mind the dust. ^^;

Proud Sonic Artist Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Proud Pokemon Artist Stamp by AutoTFNT979 Art Fills You With Determination [STAMP] 2.0 by Valeweaver Warning: Art Of Many Styles by Vexcel Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86 Stamp: I suck at drawing hands by Jeshika-Haruno


KH_Sora and Winnie_ by LadyGT KH_Sora and Winnie_ :iconladygt:LadyGT 10,325 815 Happy Valentine's Day! by Toxikku Happy Valentine's Day! :icontoxikku:Toxikku 75 16 Blaze The Cat by Definisher Blaze The Cat :icondefinisher:Definisher 49 7 youer cute by porkko youer cute :iconporkko:porkko 65 3 Choke by Z-Berry Choke :iconz-berry:Z-Berry 3 0 Aurora by CynicalAshhole Aurora :iconcynicalashhole:CynicalAshhole 137 12 Quail Pixel Doll: Music by QuailSoup Quail Pixel Doll: Music :iconquailsoup:QuailSoup 70 3 Explorers  by HirashiKumori Explorers :iconhirashikumori:HirashiKumori 14 9 A penguin rides an excited foot stool by shynpc A penguin rides an excited foot stool :iconshynpc:shynpc 27 5 Sending arrows from above by FiinalRush Sending arrows from above :iconfiinalrush:FiinalRush 31 0 Broken Inside by AmySerina Broken Inside :iconamyserina:AmySerina 37 3 I Will Believe In Myself by RoseOfTheNight4444 I Will Believe In Myself :iconroseofthenight4444:RoseOfTheNight4444 9 0
Good Times
          Screenshot 20160728-123258 by Ry-Spirit  Screenshot 20160728-123430 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123302 by Ry-Spirit  Screenshot 20160728-123306 by Ry-Spirit  Screenshot 20160728-123318 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123321 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123348 by Ry-Spirit  Screenshot 20160728-123358 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123402 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123406 by Ry-Spirit  Screenshot 20160728-123413 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123417 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123421 by Ry-Spirit  Screenshot 20160728-123427 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123435 by Ry-Spirit
:iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 1,658 767
Nipple Cover
          Screenshot 20161208-112450 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20161208-112752 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20161208-112839 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20161208-112918 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20161208-112939 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20161208-112958 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20161208-113046 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20161208-113022 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20161208-113057 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20161208-113112 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20161208-113148 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20161208-113242 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20161208-113250 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20161208-113257 by Ry-Spirit&
:iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 180 43
Yo Mama
          Screenshot 20170414-154340 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20170414-154350 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20170414-154354 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20170414-154400 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20170414-154410 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20170414-154416 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20170414-154421 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20170414-154425 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20170414-154429 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20170414-154432 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20170414-154443 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20170414-154446 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20170414-154449 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20170414-154455 by Ry-Spirit&
:iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 129 43
i herd u lyk
          27951122 228756247696350 568276213 O by Ry-Spirit 27999238 228756241029684 1286369434 O by Ry-Spirit 27989906 228756447696330 1894493869 O by Ry-Spirit 27950945 228755401029768 963115682 O by Ry-Spirit 27951448 228756264363015 1748934135 O by Ry-Spirit 27989736 228756387696336 1299093589 O by Ry-Spirit 27990244 228756244363017 389667797 O by Ry-Spirit 27990468 228756121029696 1152016670 O by Ry-Spirit27990115 228756177696357 295746824 O by Ry-Spirit 28034187 228756181029690 1538389071 O by Ry-Spirit 28034698 228756347696340 1248352451 O by Ry-Spirit 28033828 228756361029672 1020807388 O by Ry-Spirit 27951412 228756327696342 1300134450 O by Ry-Spirit 27951201 228755614363080 1271708959 O by Ry-Spirit <
:iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 89 32
Check out all these amazing artworks I've found around DeviantArt! They inspire me and often I look at many other artworks to experiment with my art style. (And you'll probably find miscellaneous things I bookmarked for myself, haha.)



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Thank You For The... Stamp by Mirz123
Disconnected Stamp by SparklyDest Pieces of Heart Stamp by Mirz123 Tie Rope Hang On Stamp by Mirz123 Jump In Stamp by Kezzi-Rose

divider by Krissi001 divider by Krissi001 divider by Krissi001 divider by Krissi001

Don't be fooled by how long it says I've been on this site. I left DeviantArt a long time ago with a 4 year hiatus (near the time I created this account) because I set out to improve my art and get things done better. I'm pretty busy too. But I've become active again as of September of 2017. :)

More time... by prosaix Art saves me Stamp by Mel-Rosey STAMP | little nerd by shark-adopt Nerdy is the new cool Stamp by Pixel-Sam

I am a Sonic/Pokemon/Undertale fan, so you can expect a lot of video game fan art from me! I write, draw, and cosplay (but you may not see the cosplays), as well as do some photography.

What cancer is by LadyRebeccaStamps Really, Fandumb Seriously Isn't Always It by endler Undertale Animated Stamp by Papikari Sonic fandom stamp by Akanes-Stamps What is an Artist? by Neikoish Not all Sonic fans are idiots by SA948-Stamps I Heart Nintendo. by caffeine-overdosed Gamer Stamp by Fastmon Girl Gamer Stamp by Zeiphex

I'm very shy so don't take it personally if I'm weird or not very responsive. This is also a non-bullying and non-hate zone. Anyone disrespectful will be blocked and their comment reported. Hate X=X Constructive criticism. I can take criticism, but hate and disrespect will not be tolerated by me. :)

+ Llama Stamp by Khrinx Everyone Loves Me Stamp by Khrinx I'm Famous Stamp by Khrinx Writers Block Stamp by Khrinx Art Block Stamp by Khrinx Disconnected Rage Stamp by Khrinx anti-bully stamp by twozard

Pride Shooting Star by King-Lulu-Deer
Homosexuality doesn't lead to extinction by Zidneya Equal by Akhnaton-II
Pride Shooting Star by King-Lulu-Deer

SBB Icons (Tails) by cuddlesnam Blaze The Cat stamp 2. by Kyaatto Silver needs respect by sahara-lynne Jet The hawk Stamp by NatouMJSonic Kirlia stamp by Numbuh9 Piplup Stamp by ACorgiInHumanClothin Undertale Undyne Stamp by Dead-Opera-Star Mettaton Ex Stamp by Lessandrant Papyrus Stamp by Lessandrant Steven Universe stamp by imsosad0009 Olympic Tails stamp by Fastmon stamp Sonic and the black knight. by ingart15 R.I.P. Satoru Iwata [1959-2015] by SirSuetic

Divider II by RBSRdesigns

Awkward by Fyi-Sus I'm Socially Awkward by CMSensei Im just a little crazy stamp by Pixel-Sam Stamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317 MUSIC LIFE by fraggle37 Books Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Love2Laugh Stamp by Fyi-Sus Think outside the box - Stamp by JWiesner

creative abstract divider by ToxiceStea

-_-' by waad11 'Liftenforken' In German by ImFeelingStampity Stop Eating the Stamps by EmeraldTokyo

[S06] Sonic Too Fast Stamp by Fastmon [SA1] Tired Tails Stamp by Fastmon [SA1] I Dunno Sonic Stamp by Fastmon

Useless by yumi-honamaru</small>
Gotta Go Fast, Sonic would want you to
Believe In Yourself, Tails would want you to

Stay strong, Knuckles would want you to.

So I've already said much of what I wanted to say here:

Net Neutrality by BlazingFire909

Here's some links if you would like to join the protest or contribute to the cause:

Sign the petition here!
Here's a petition!
The official protest page

We are just weeks away from an FCC vote tokill net neutrality. Only Congress can stop it.

The button above may not work, but it's on the official website. This is our country and our voice. We need them to make our decisions, not theirs.
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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


I'm so sorry for being so inactive lately! Sweating a little... I promise you that I am working hard and creating art! I've just been very busy with my own art contests to enter, and other various things happening! I'm planning to put up some past art I'm proud of in the meantime (or I might magically have some time,  you never know haha). 
So I know I have no active watchers, but if anyone coming by my page has any ideas for comics, that would be nice! I just need some inspiration. It can be original people, or off of video games. I have some ideas but I haven't made them yet. I am a dummy! I'm so lazy, gosh. 


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